musician singer songwriter

musician singer songwriter

musician singer songwritermusician singer songwriter

tell september all the time

Beautifully  unexpected!   New music from Bryce Menchaca takes us back a few decades.  Two new single releases are reminiscent of mid 60's vibes, grooves and complex harmonies.  While absorbing you in memories... the lyrics will transport you to the present.    

The Doomed Poet

Life mirrors the soul with new music by Bryce Menchaca. Unique, artistic and poetic lyrics play alongside moving melodies that capture the essence of  intricate and timeless moments of our existence.

sense of discovery

An old soul at a young age.  Introducing the much anticipated debut album of original songs.  Inspired by blues and vintage vibes, Bryce Menchaca takes us on a powerful journey with his raw, passionate and relatable lyrics and smooth melodies.


Leave Your Tears Behind

Kill the Time

Love Me Away



Bryce writes, composes and performs his own original music.  He also is known for his covers.  His style of lyrics and melodies are a combination of R&B, Texas blues and traditional acoustic.   As a singer/songwriter, his compositions and songs are created typically using a guitar or piano.   At such a young age, he's an old soul and he wants to tell his story through music.   



Early inspirations were the works of Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Paul McCartney as well as Bruce Springsteen.  His love for the blues led him to BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn and John Mayer.  All of the songs on his debut album reflect  a collaboration of these influences as he tells his story.



In the studio with his band, Bryce has recorded a complete album of originals.  Lyrics are inspired by the life of a teenager, as seen through the eyes of an old soul.  The emotion that is revealed in his songs are raw, passionate and relatable.   Talent way beyond his years!  

Documentary by the brilliant Crawford Banks

"Check this out!  Bryce Menchaca's Sense of Discovery - Studio Sessions!! My first documentary is in the books!  This guy is super talented and it's been an honor and a privilege working with him this summer.  Everyone must go watch this video!" ~Crawford Banks


Performing live is where he feels at home.   Bryce loves playing guitar and singing face to face with those who love music as much as he does.  Whether he's on the stage or in the audience, he loves and embraces  the energy of live music and how it connects everyone.

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